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A Love Letter to the World


I miss you in a million tiny and enormous ways. I miss your faces. I miss sharing my heart with you. I miss when humor bubbles over into laughter, bursting from your lips; a precious present from the ether. I miss being in awe of your resilience. The energy of a room full of you dancing, how that transcends everything, and is something like heaven. I miss how sometimes you say the most absolutely perfect things. I miss how you would hold my hand and pull me forward, onward, to the next thing, let's go.

I miss being tongue-tied by your beauty. I miss when your creativity blows my mind, when your genius cracks me open.

I miss dancing with you from the relentless stillness of this summer. But I know that the next time I embrace you, it will be with more ardor and thankfulness than ever before. I won't hold back, but will whisper urgently in your ears of all the ways I love you so. Until then, my dears, I'll meet you in the silent space between what was and what will be.

Yours Truly,


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