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What Happens When You Go to the Woods with Your Parents

And it's like, this is what has been happening underneath everything all along. Like the forest is a world inside your body... it's both inside and outside you.

And all the boys you want to kiss aren't far and will want to kiss you, too, as soon as you get back to the city.

Thinking about everyone I know out in the world- in restaurants, bedrooms, bars, ubers, living rooms. I wish we could all sit quietly together and just grin at each other.

What is this happy loneliness that comes under dark trees? You find yourself having religious talks with your parents. You find you experience your body differently near running water/beneath a black sky. You let yourself go to sleep with an unwashed the dark, experiencing selfness without thought or effort. Unknowing and uncaring of how you look with a winter hat smashed down over your ears and forehead.

How have we gotten so far from this? I've created all sorts of problems to be sad about. Beyond these woods is the world of Trump -- an agitated America. But here, the trees are quiet, calm, and omnipotent.

Here, I feel that every boy I've ever loved is actually a part of me, and at some point tonight I'll swim through their thoughts like an innocent fish:

"Hello, I'm still here. It all happened and will keep on happening forever and ever."

This moment is so sweet. I feel it will fold into my heart and live there as a reminder of the strange paradise we've got, we golden souls: how it's all happening, all the time.

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